{Scholarship: Prophetic Word Comes to Pass 2 Years Later}


{Facebook post from August 28,2016}

This past summer, the Lord began calling me to be in prayer for Brandon more than ever before. One day, I felt like the Lord was prompting me to go pray at the stadium, so I did. I began walking around the stadium praying; praying for Brandon, his teammates, his coaches, and the upcoming season. It was such an encouraging time for me, and something I began doing each morning before work, and something I still do to this day.
Back in August, our family saw the faithfulness of God when Brandon was awarded a football scholarship, something we had been praying and trusting God for for the past 3 years. Back in July of 2014, a prophetic word was spoken over Brandon about this very moment of him receiving a scholarship. A man that knew nothing about Brandon or his situation just picked him out of the crowd one night at our summer church camp and told him what the Lord had showed him. He told him to “stay in school, and that the Lord was going to provide for him finacially.” For over two years, we clung to those words and believed and trusted God that they would come to pass. And guess what, they did! If there is one thing I want every person reading this to know without a shadow of a doubt it’s this: GOD IS FAITHFUL, and His word is true. We can cling to His promises throughout scripture knowing that they will come to pass. No matter how many days, weeks, months, or years it may take, God ALWAYS fulfills His promises.

It is so humbling to think about what the Lord is going to do in this stadium. I am so excited and expectant of how the Lord is going to continue to fulfill His plan for Brandon here at PSU, and use Him to impact others. What better platform to be given to make HIS name known then in front of 107,000 fans + an entire country?

God’s hand has never left us, and He has been so faithful through it all. His timing is truly perfect, and all you can do is step back and smile knowing that He is writing such a beautiful story from it all.

God, you are so good and forever worthy of all our praise!


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