{Brandon’s first PSU start: 4 year dream comes to pass}


{Facebook post from October 5th, 2016}

“Only I can tell you the future before it even happens. Everything I plan will come to pass…” {Isaiah 46:10}

There is truly no other explanation for this dream but the hand of God.

4 years ago in July when Brandon had just begun his time at Penn State, I had a vivid dream at night that I knew was from the Lord. In the dream, God showed me the PSU football team, and the moment when Brandon would start his first game. Although I couldn’t make out a lot of details, the one thing the Lord showed me was the person playing ahead of him. I couldn’t make out a name or face, the only thing I saw was the letter “C” on his back, and knew his last name had begun with a C. Being overly anxious to see Brandon play, I thought this dream would come to pass his freshman year when he was behind the linebacker with the last name Carson. Little did I know God would have us wait 4 years to see that dream come to pass, after his teammate and friend unexpectedly got injured this past year, who also had the last name starting with a C.

With his first start two weeks ago at Michigan, and mainly his first home start in Beaver Stadium this past Saturday, I couldn’t help but sit there in the stands with a full heart knowing that God is so faithful to fulfill his word he had given me 4 years ago.

While we never want to see his teammates injured (in fact, we pray together for their protection, safety, and healing daily), we know that God has a plan through it all, and all we can do is continue to trust in Him.

I believe that the Lord has given us a story to share for both believers and unbelievers to see God’s power at work, and as a testimony of God’s faithfulness and love. God knew the struggles Brandon would face his first three years here, but yet He is so faithful to give us dreams like this to cling to for the future to not give up. Both people we know, and those we don’t know have told us many times lately that they can so clearly see God’s hand working and moving in Brandon’s life throughout everything that has happened this past month. I truly believe that God is using Brandon’s story as a witness to so many of His power and faithfulness not just here in our town, but across this nation. I share none of this to brag or boast in our human ability (because those of you who know Brandon know he is one of the most humble people you could ever meet, and the last person that ever wants the attention and focus on him), but I know that God has given us these stories to share with others and I pray as many people as possible will share and read the things God has done in our lives. I pray above all, this story so clearly paints a picture for you of the miraculous ways God work (even if you have to wait 4 years) and that you all may put your hope and trust in HIM. We serve a real and living God who loves you and desire a relationship with you. I pray our story may continue to point you towards Him in all things. All glory, honor and praise to God. God bless you all!


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