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A little over a year ago, the Lord began speaking to my heart challenging me as a wife in how I love and serve Brandon. My biggest area of conviction was prayer. I was not praying for Brandon like I should have been. The Lord began teaching me the importance of praying for my husband, and I believe it was a powerful word that applies to all of us. The same lessons go for a husband praying for his wife, a parent praying for their children, friends praying for friends, and so on.

That day I went out and bought a journal devoted to my husband, one that I would begin writing in each day. In my prayer journal, I write out prayers I pray over Brandon, scriptures, my thoughts, how I see God working, etc. Over a year later I still write in this journal almost daily, and it has been incredible to look back and see what God has done over the past year.

I wrote this blog post below back on August 22, 2015 about my time praying for Brandon. I never expected it to go far, just my close family and friends. To my surprise, the post was read thousands and thousands of times, and has encouraged so many other girls.

I hope this post encourages your heart and challenges you to grow in your prayer life like never before. I challenge you all to go out and buy a prayer journal. I promise you that you will be amazed at the ways you see God work and answer your prayers!!

{Post from August 22, 2015}

If you aren’t covering your husband in prayer, who is? 

I think that one of the greatest blessings of being married is getting a glimpse into how the Father loves us. Before I was married I thought I knew what the words “I love you” meant. Even though I have only been married for a little over three months, I have already learned more than I could have ever imagined. I am beginning to learn the true meaning of loving unconditionally, serving faithfully, and giving of yourself without expecting anything in return. I am learning every day that the greatest way I can love Brandon is by pointing him towards Christ, and by more importantly, covering him in prayer.

Lately, the biggest lesson that God has been teaching me and convicting me of is to be a wife who is constantly covering her husband in prayer. I am learning that the most important place that I can be each day is on my knees in prayer for Brandon.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard the quote:

“Behind ever successful man is a faithful wife”

But oh how true I am finding this quote to be. And it doesn’t just apply to wives, but I believe that behind any successful man/women is a praying spouse. 

Have you ever really taken the time to think about what your spouse faces on a daily basis? The struggles they may be facing at work, the temptations bombarding them everywhere they go, the pressures of being successful, providing, and excelling in whatever they may be doing? The struggle to not compromise, to remain faithful, and to stand up for their beliefs regardless of the costs?

I have found that since being married, I have a new sense of the word love. Don’t get me wrong, before I was married I loved Brandon deeply. But something changes in marriage, something that is so beautiful. The love I now have for him is more like the love Christ has for us. The type of love that compels me to give all that I have to him. The type of love that is willing to always fight for him, support him, and encourage him. Truly the type of love in the sense that I would lay my life down for him if I had to. 

Recently, I have found myself wanting to fight his battles. There have been situations and different things in his life that I just want to fix. Have any of you ever felt like that about your spouse? Feeling like there are things in their life that you just wish you could fix for them? Maybe it’s a difficult situation they are facing, or a health concern. Maybe it’s something that is frustrating your spouse, or hurting them deeply. But, the realization sets in that we are not able to physically do anything to change the situation or take it away from them. Times like these it’s so easy to feel helpless and useless and to just take the backseat. But, it has been in these times that the Lord has been speaking to me, whispering deep into my heart 

“Andrea, just PRAY. That is all you need to do.”

And it is in those moments that I find myself running to The One who is in control of all. Within the past month, I have made it a daily habit to start my mornings off reading the Bible and doing my devotional, and the Lord has been teaching me so much. My favorite moment each morning is when I pull out my journal and begin writing my desires/worries/hopes for my husband for the day. In that journal, I write prayers I pray over him, scriptures that are beautiful reminders of God’s promises for Brandon’s life, and anything else that is on my heart. And then, I get on my knees, and go to battle for my husband. I lay those needs before our Father, and present all my requests, worries, and hopes before Him. I lay everything in the hands of God.

I pray for strength for him to stand firm in his faith and not compromise. I pray for the Lord’s protection and favor over his life. I pray for God to use my husband throughout the day. I pray for all of his interactions, and that he can always be a light for Him. I pray for his weaknesses, and difficult situations he faces. I pray that he can remain humble and confident, and that his trust will always be in Him. I pray that he will always be slow to anger and quick to forgive. That he remains patient and hopeful of what the Lord can and will do in the future. Anything and everything that is on my heart concerning Brandon, I lay it in the hands of Our Father, trusting HIM with it all.

Ladies, it is time that we wake up and realize that we have a responsibility and truly an honor to take our husbands needs before the Lord. You see, God recently has been teaching me that it truly is an honor to get to walk beside Brandon through life. It is an honor to know his deepest, most intimate concerns, needs, and difficult situations in his life. But not only to just know the information, but to actually have the power, through Christ, to change them through prayer.

Have you ever stopped to think that because your husband is serving the Lord, that anything and everything is going to try to come against him? John 15:19 tells us that because we live for Christ and are not apart of this world, that the world hates us. Everyday, your husband is being attacked, pressured and tempted. Why are we not fighting for these Godly men on our knees every day?

Your husband NEEDS you. He not only needs your unconditional love, support and encouragement, but he needs your prayers.

The Bible tells us that our heart is our control center for life, saying in Proverbs 4:23 that “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

Every single day, things of this world are competing for your husband’s heart. Whether it is money, success, a job promotion, acceptance, or temptations that are trying to cause your husband to stumble such as sexual temptations. We are only fooling ourselves if we think that just because our husbands follow the Lord, that they are somehow immune to these temptations, or that he doesn’t face them like other worldly men. But I would argue that because he belongs to God, he faces them even more. Because he is following Christ, you better believe that the devil is going to try to throw anything he possibly can at your husband to try to distract him and cause him to fail and turn away from HIM.

Ladies, we need to do better at praying for our husbands, and praying that God would protect their hearts, and that they would continue to keep HIM first.

I challenge you all if you haven’t already, buy a journal that is just for your husband. Every morning, be in the word, encouraging your heart and mind. Then, be on your knees in battle for your husband. If you aren’t covering him in prayer, who is? It’s a privilege and honor to fight for your husband, and what better way to fight than in prayer with The One who is in control of everything?

I promise you as you begin this journey of faithfully praying for your husband, you will see the Lord at work in your husband’s life. You will see things change in your own life, in your husband’s life, and in your marriage. Press on, knowing that God hears each and every prayer you speak. He is faithful, and will always provide!

Here are some great prayer journal ideas that I’ve linked :
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